A Social Media that you deserve, trust, love.

We want to provide a limitless social media experience that you deserve, trust, and love.

We do this by not selling your data, so you can sleep week, by adding a horizontal interface so you don’t need to crop your landscape photos, and sharing our revenue with users by adding Stars so you can spend quality time as opposed to just quantity.

We are yet to raise any money till date, and our founders are putting all they have into the basket.


Because you deserve a social media which CARES ABOUT YOU NOT YOUR DATA and DOESN’T SEE YOU AS A NUMBER -but AS A UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL.

This is all about Selfin.

Talent behind Selfin

Akin Nefesogullari

Founder, just a student

Buildings things that make a positive difference in the world. Co-founder of Berymo. Self-educator and student at Menlo College.

Marlon Monroy

Co-founder, CTO

Seven years of experience in building amazing apps for amazing companies to revolutionize industries

Kenish Suri

IOS Developer

A result oriented software developer with business acumen and experience in developing technology solutions by applying best practices and collaboration.

Kalpit Topiwala

IOS Developer

Adding five years of development experience to beautifully designed apps to achieve the unachievable by focusing on customers first.

Amrata Sharma

IOS Developer

Believe in simplicity and like to follow standards. Keen to perform as it’s the ultimate key.

Shubham Dhanera

Python Developer

If you give me the perfect pass believe or not I am sure I will put that into the goal.

Advisors behind Selfin

Lay Lay Lee-Aquila

Senior Lab Manager, Exo Imaging, Inc.

Co-founder of InvenSense, Inc. that was acquired by TDK in San Jose.

Sefik B. Bayindir

CEO at Berymo

Sefik is changing the way people transport from A to B. Data Analyst at Apple and professional designer.

Steven Weiner

Menlo College President

Steven Weiner obtained his MBA from the University of Chicago, co-founded Tolven, an open source medical software start-up company.

Linda Bakke

Writer, Artist, Educator

Linda Bakke is a Bay Area writer, artist and educator. Her vital interest is the intersection of art, humanity technology and innovation.

Selfin Ambassadors

Alara Baykal

Ozyegin University, Turkey

Nazli Bortecen

Instituto Europeo di Design, Italy

Ant Kobak

Cattolica University, Italy

Zeynep Soylu

Koc University, Turkey

Alan Aloz

Menlo College, USA

Evrim Olgun

Istinye Highschool, Turkey

Rojda Olgun

Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey

Chris Villarreal

North Monterey County High School, USA

Sienna Lim

University of Minnesota,

*Selfin Ambassador Board

Selfin Brand Ambassador. What does that mean?

We are glad you asked! What is the best way to get more people to use Selfin? Guess what. It is not:

  • - Facebook ads
  • - YouTube ads
  • - Newspaper ads
  • - TV Ads

Still thinking? It is YOU. Me?

Well, not technically you, but people. It is all about people. Selfin is here for people, not for ads or any other bullshit.

People trust people, which is the reason why we are betting big on our people “aka” Ambassadors. They give a reason to use Selfin and inspire us to build better things. things.

What are the requirements?

You only need to be a College or High School student to be an official Selfin Ambassador. That’s it.

What are the benefits of being a Selfin Ambssador?

Umm, Tough questions! These are some of the benefits of being a Selfin Ambassador:

  • -You will have the chance to work closely with our marketing team and other Selfin Ambassadors.
  • -You will have the cool Ambassador Icon on your profile
  • -You will be the first to hear updates, news, new products directly from Selfin
  • -You will have the chance to work with Selfin after graduation
  • -You selfie will be featured on our Selfin Ambassador Board
  • -You will get a Selfin Ambassador Box that is full of marketing products.

How can I apply?

To be a Selfin Ambassador, the only thing you need to do is to click on the “I want to be a Selfin Ambassador” below. It will direct you to our type form link. Please fill up all the required files and you are good to go. We will send you an email if you are chosen to be a Selfin Ambassador.

*If you don’t get an email please be patient. We get hundreds of ambassador requests from all over the world. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We promise it.