Introducing Selfin

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You love social media but are bored with current social media apps. You want to try something new, something unique, something that’s never been done before.
You love to take photos, videos and want to share them with your friend. You want to discover what the world is doing and become a part of it.

If this is you, we are Selfin
Introducing Selfin. The world’s first social media application that can be used horizontally, doesn’t sell your data, and help users make money.


Selfin is the first social media app to combine Horizontal (landscape) and Vertical (portrait) interfaces. Our main goal is to grant users greater freedom and an option to choose from. Our mantra is: Live, Share, Enjoy. Repeat.


Feed is the page where you see your followers’ posts. Simply click on "Feed Icon” to see their posts. When someone you follow posts a new photo or video, it will appear on this page.


Discover lets you see posts from all around the world. To do that, just click on the "Discover Icon”. The biggest post denotes the most liked post of the day. It can be either a video or an image; the post that gets the most number of likes will be featured on Discover's Biggest Screen.


To open camera, click on the "Camera Icon" or "Live Camera.” We are in the process of building the simplest application camera to have ever been built. As you can see, we don't have a Camera Button because we want to give our uses more camera space and convenience. Simply swipe up wherever you are ready to take the perfect shot.


You can see what your followers like, comment, or who they are following on the "Social" section. On the “Self" Section, you can see the post that you liked or commented on. Social is based on your followers and following. Self forms the basis for your actions. We call this page "Notifications.” Just click on the "Notifications Icon.”


The profile page is where you can manage your posts, change settings, and adjust everything related to your profile. Simply click on the “Profile Icon” to see your profile.

Direct Message

With Direct Message, you can send a message directly to anyone you want. Just click on "Direct Message.”

Important Details

Selfin has a couple of details that distinguishes itself from competition. Listed below are the details from super Likes to Stars, Stars to Profile Shapes.

Profile Shapes

In Selfin, if you follow someone, his/her profile picture will be "Circle Shaped.” When you stop following that user, their profile picture will become "Square Shaped.”

  • Following
  • Not Following

Stars Types

Selfin's verified user process is different from any other social media platform out there. Every user will start with the same amount of "Stars.” You can earn your stars by simply posting more often, and getting more followers or likes. When you have more than a specific amount of stars, you will be verified and your stars will become "Self Stars.”

  • Stars
  • Self Stars